WordPress Support & New Website

$64.98 / month and a $649.98 sign-up fee

The premier service of the Spark Sites, this is the Managed WordPress you are looking for. We cover your CUSTOM website (if you need one), WordPress core updates, security updates, a 24/7 Tech Support number, plugin updates, theme updates, a free website refresh every 24 months, and now can include SSL certificate and hosting!

Yup, we have you covered.


Basic WordPress Support

Have you realized your business needs a new website but don’t want shell out $1,500 – $2,500? Do you have a website and want to update your web presence? This is why we are here! Let us Spark Your Site!

For $64.98 per month you get

  • Your Custom Website (worth $1,895.98+)
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • WordPress Security Updates
  • Latest Design Software
  • “How-To” Video Lessons
  • Access to additional edits (aka Content Support) $37.50/hr (1/3 the market rate!)
  • A free website Refresh after 24 months (approx. 4 hrs of ‘Content Support’)

The Experience:

  1. We collect basic information from you.
  2. We design your basic website design. (Design Phase 1)
  3. You give us edits and we implement them!
  4. We implement your website content. (Content Phase 2)
  5. We launch your website!
  6. Your website grows along with your business.

You will need to deliver us several pieces of information. We will need items such as your logo, mission statement, your corporate message, team, bios or business summary, services, business contact info and more.

If you would prefer full service where our team handles each element for you, contact us now.

Since we absorb the cost of building the site, there is a 12 month commitment. If you really want to cancel before that, there is a way to do that, too. Learn more in our Terms & Conditions.


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