Why You Should Add Testimonials

If we’re being honest with ourselves, business is lowkey a constant “popularity contest.” It’s really not as weird as it sounds if you think about it. If a lot of people know and love your business, then it’s likely successful. If people haven’t really heard of you and don’t have much to say then you’re either just starting out (you can do it!) or you aren’t doing everything you can to put yourself out there.

If there’s a good way to show off your popularity, it’s  through testimonials. Testimonial is basically the fancy word for review. They’re the (ideally) awesome things customers say about using your business. Some of the best ways to collect testimonials is through Facebook and Google and we will talk about that in our next post. Once you have your golden testimonials, you would be silly not to add them to your website. Here are 3 reasons why you should add testimonials to your website.

They eliminate the “cheesy sales pitch.”

The idea of giving a sales pitch can make some people’s skin crawl. Sometimes it’s out of someone’s character to muster up the general enthusiasm to deliver a strong and exciting sales pitch. Also, lets be real, sales pitches can come across as so cheesy and gimmicky sometimes. It’s hard to trust cheese.

There’s a solution to your cheesy sales pitch: testimonials! Adding your testimonials to your website allows your current customers to do the selling for you. You don’t have to piece together an artificial pitch, but simply say “let our customers tell you themselves.”

Why You Should Add Testimonials - Spark My Site - Lakeland, FL

Testimonial from Process + Results client website.

It will better establish your credibility.

People want to know the business they are browsing is legit. Having a laundry list of people talking about their experiences with you directly on your website shows potential customers that you are 1.) actually a living, breathing business and 2.) credible to what you’re offering.

People can trust a business that’s been around the block a few times and has experience with what they’re offering. They are going to be less trustworthy if they are unable to uncover that information about your business. Testimonials not only help you look good, but also offer that “street cred” your potential customers are looking for.

Why You Should Add Testimonials - Spark My Site - Lakeland, FL

Testimonial from Loud Life Productions LLC client website.

Testimonials put your potential customer at ease.

In a world filled with the internet and modern technology, literal word-of-mouth recommendations aren’t the top way people are referring businesses anymore. With the monopolies of Google and Facebook around, people are craving social proof that the business they are researching is worth their time. Now more than ever people are willing to take the time to write a review on Facebook or Google and more importantly, people are seriously taking the time to read them before deciding on a business to use.

Save your potential customers from sifting through all this information by adding your testimonials directly to your website. If people can physically see that others have enjoyed working with you in the past and why your business is so awesome they are going to be much more likely to let you take their money. No one likes to experience “buyers remorse.” With reviews on your website clients are likely to not experience buyers remorse with your business.

Add testimonials to your site!

You can literally get business through reviews. It takes so little time to add reviews to your website and saves you from so much pitching in the long run. Let your customers do the talking for you, let them tell your potential clients why you’re legit and the right choice for their needs.

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