Professional Networking: LinkedIn or Blogging

Do I Start With Blogging or Posting on LinkedIn?

Recently a client, Paul Mains with West Bay Security Training, asked how he could begin getting his name out there:

Your advice please. In an attempt to ‘get myself out there’ a bit more I want to start blogging or posting. My idea was to do the blog on LinkedIn then copy it to my website. Or the other way around. Is one way better, easier to do then the other?


Paul Mains

Professional Networking: Do I Post on my Blog or LinkedIn?As with anyone just starting out with social networking (what is that anyway?!) and spreading the word about their small business, we set out to unravel this world.

Here was our response that we brought to Paul and what we recommend for you as well.

How to Begin Posting for Your Professional Service


Or, any of you really!!

First, I a super pumped you are interested in going this direction! I would recommend the following to get started.
My answer is based on 2 major factors, 1.) where your target audience spends time online, and 2.) the fact that your goal is to make your phone ring!

PRINCIPLE: Go to where your target audience spends time online! Are they professionals? Start on LinkedIn! Are they teens? Check out Pokemon Go!! (Ok, Snapchat would be helpful as well!)

A.) Begin getting out there by writing 300+ word posts, including images, on LinkedIn. I recommend LinkedIn in your specific case because of your target clients.

Reinforcement: Go to where your clients are!

BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR BY-LINE WITH SOMETHING LIKE “GET MEDICAL SECURITY ADVICE” OR “CONTACT PAUL TODAY”, with your phone number! (You can also include your website address, but your phone number.) For ex,

[Your profile Image]
Paul Mains, CPP, CHPA, CSC
West Bay Security Training

Get Professional Medical Security Advice Now: 321-299-5674

PRINCIPLE: Do not miss the opportunity to share with people that you love helping others in your field! Add your contact info and title to your signatures everywhere you use them!

B.) Once posted on LinkedIn, I would then immediately copy and paste the article onto your website. On it, I would add a little line at the top that says “Originally published on LinkedIn”, and link to your LinkedIn profile.

Idea: get that link juice flowing back and forth. If people visit you on LinkedIn, browse to your post on your website (which would be awesome), and see that a link goes back to LinkedIn, they will be reinforced! You see, people who have committed to using one particular social network LOVE to see others who are passionate about that network. It reinforces them and their use of that network! It affirms to them that you are part of the crew who takes their professional career seriously (in the case of LinkedIn).

For those who visit you directly to your website and see that you posted this on LinkedIn, they will feel slight FOMO (fear of missing out) and may join you on LinkedIn. This further reinforces your brand as a thought leader in your field! (Again, this is definitely the case when it comes to LinkedIn. Will vary depending on social network.)

Do this twice a week for the next 6 weeks as a “baseline”. Engage in the conversation you create in LinkedIn!! Tag other professionals in your field in the comments, and ask for their feedback (just to generate conversation around your article.) Be involved in the LinkedIn community groups around your topic. (For example, once you post an article, go into the groups and, using the search bar, search for the topic you wrote about. Go to that conversation, engage in the conversation, and then offer the link to your article for more detail.)


PRINCIPLE: Again, be a good Citizen on the Net, a Netizen! Pick the social network you love (in this case, LinkedIn) and go DEEP into that world!! Commit to it!

Let me know if that makes sense or if you have any questions, sir!! Go get ’em!!

Gratefully, Grant

Start Your Own Profile Today

Get on over to LinkedIn and start your own profile. If you have a profile and your target clients are in that network, fill out your profile all the way. Connect with me on there, and get going!

Keep kicking butt! Build your business! Be great today!


Grant and the Spark { SITES } team!

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