Does Google Even Understand Your Business?

Have you checked your SEO ranking and wondered why you don’t rank at all for your terms?

It’s like Google doesn’t even understand what kind of business you’re in.

The main way we solve this is usually by killer, massively relevant content that your users need. (And even if Google understands your business, you need to be producing killer. massively. relevant. content!!)

How Can Google Not Understand Your Business?

For example, if you have a remote business, Google won’t know where to send the verification post card! Google is pushing for localization, and your website needs to be anchored to a physical location. You and I both know that many businesses are remote these days. Finding a physical location is not always possible.

It’s a similar situation, but if your business is a pop-up shop of sorts, Google still won’t have a place to send your postcard. Same problem.

Most people make this up by becoming an area listing. (Add an address to your GMB. Set it to serve an area so many miles from your location. Then remove your address.)

Here is an informative article on the dynamics of Google’s understanding service and service-area businesses from one of the best resources for search engine marketing, Search Engine Land.

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