SEO Myths #1: Are Paid Ads Better than Organic?

Introducing the SEO Mythbusters! Myth #1: Are Paid Ads Better than Organic?

Raise your hand if you want to know the truth about the top 5 SEO myths of 2021? Well, St. Patrick’s Day may have been awhile ago now, but you’re still in luck because over the next few days we are going to debunk each of these myths once and for all. We get it, many SEO agencies claim conflicting thoughts and it can be quite confusing in deciding how to best boost your site’s SEO. But worry no more, because the SEO Mythbusters here at Spark Sites are here to make sure you never get taken for a ride again. Now, let’s dive right in!

To Pay or Not to Pay, That is the Question?

A common thought is the more you spend the better the results, right? Well, that is not always the case especially when it comes to paid ads vs organic ads. Paid ads actually do not get rankings or improve your ranking. Now, paid ads are great for strengthening your brand identity and to test different campaigns, but the ads are generally based on your bid and total investment.

Think back to the last time you were on Google, whatever you searched for, an ad for the specific item appeared first and then immediately under was an organic result. Which did you end up clicking? The average web searcher tends to click on an organic result over a paid one. Although the ads may be promoting the same business, people end up clicking on the organic ads over the paid for a variety of reasons based on age or worry of security.

Paid Ads: SEO Myth Busted!

So the truth: Paid ads are NOT better than organic ads.

They are great to use for branding and testing campaigns for keywords, but primarily they are great for helping the conversion rate of organic rankings.

Organic rankings trump paid ads almost every time. Stay tuned for the next myth we debunk!

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