SEO Myths #2: Does Hiring an SEO Agency Speed Up Ranking?

The SEO Mythbusters are Back! Myth #2: Does Hiring an SEO Agency Speed Up Ranking?

If you have talked to an SEO Agency, you may be led to believe that you can speed up your search engine rankings.

Have you heard the expression “slow and steady wins the race”? When it comes to SEO rankings, that’s pretty much the case.

SEO is slow, multiple sources have suggested that it can take websites on average about three to six months to see a jump to the front on Google results. That doesn’t sound too fun, right?

You want your business to start thriving right away, so sometimes you will spend the money necessary to speed up the process: like hiring an SEO agency. Well, the SEO mythbusters are back to tell you the truth about if hiring an SEO agency will actually speed up your ranking!

Can I really get quick rankings?

If an SEO agency is giving you the promise of “quick rankings”- BEEP! BEEP! Big red flag. Quick rankings is not a thing. There are techniques that SEO professionals can use to help speed up the rankings but there are no confirmed ways to boost your website’s rankings with the snap of a finger.

SEO has no way of predicting tomorrow’s keywords and it is basically impossible for anyone to promise a fast change in search rankings. Now, this is not saying SEO agencies making these claims are greedy people trying to steal your money with fake promises, it is important just to keep an eye out for them when you are planning to hire one.

Hiring an SEO agency can actually be a great long term investment. There are more than 200 ranking factors for Google and having a professional eye working on an effective SEO strategy can be a really great move for your business’s web presence. This is especially helpful if you are too busy to focus on your site. Two of the things they can help you with is keyword analysis and competitive auditing.These tools help discover what works for your competition in your area.

Myth Debunked!

So while there are benefits to hiring an SEO agency, “quick rankings” is not one. You want your business to have an authentic web presence and that may take some time for it. Be the tortoise and you will win the SEO race. Keep an eye out for the next myth we debunk.

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