SEO Myths #3: Is SEO a One-Time Activity?

SEO Mythbusters Back At It Again! Myth #3: Is Search Engine Optimization a One-Time Activity?

Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own said it best, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” Although he may have been talking about baseball, the same logic applies to Search Engine Optimization.

Taking the time to figure out a good SEO strategy is challenging but important for boosting your website’s presence. But once you do figure out a good strategy, is it something that can be implemented once and keep being applied to your site for the rest of time? We’re here to answer that question for you if SEO is capable of being a one-time activity.

The Times They Are A-Changing

So the answer to if SEO is a one-time activity? A plain and simple no. You are never done with SEO. Keywords are vital for SEO and there are thousands of variations to choose from depending on your industry, geography, target demographic, etc. Keeping up with the trends are important especially as we’re developing more and more in this digital age.

As technology changes, it starts the chain reaction for the internet to evolve and that triggers SEO to evolve. Rankings change frequently as Google’s algorithm changes. Back in 2018, Google reported over 3000 improvements to its searches which averaged to about 9 improvements per day.

As the technology changes, so does the market. New players come into the market each day, especially during this pandemic time. The switch to remote work for many businesses probably was a huge wake up call for these companies needing to boost their web presences. Also with thousands of lost jobs, people found new ways to make money and started businesses of their own. With all of these changes going on, working on your SEO becomes just as important as other marketing and advertising tasks for your business.

Myth No More, SEO is an On-Going Journey

Unfortunately, working on SEO is not just a one and done job but that can be said for most things to become successful. Make sure to stay in the loop of changes and trends for SEO. Onto debunking the next myth!

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