The Top 3 Local Search Ranking Factors 2019

Want to know The Top 3 Local Search Ranking Factors 2019

Local Search is evolving quickly. There is more and more happening each day. Do you know what to focus on to ensure solid ranking continued over time?

Not many do. Most people think it is all about getting the best SEO plugin, Social Shares, and just post a little bit of “optimized” content each month. WRONG. These won’t do it today.

Local Search Is Currently King

Currently, Google Search is programmed to serve up the best local results. You could have spent tons of money on Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing and appeared all over for certain search terms. But in the last Google Search Algorithm update your rankings went down. Then your phone call started drying up.

What happened? LOCAL happened.

Google realized that people usually search for results CLOSEST to them. (We won’t digress into the social philosophical impacts of this. We’ll save that for another time.)

So it began weight the following items MOST for local search.

The Top 3 Local Search Ranking Factors in 2019

Our latest keyword research and search ranking experiments found the following made the biggest impacts lately in search ranking.


This is easily making up 55% of the weight for local search ranking across your keyword search terms.

  • Get your account going at
  • Create a location for your business. (YES! Even if you work out of your house and don’t receive customers there!)
  • Fill out the listing in the UPMOST DETAIL.
  • Add photos across the board.
  • Every time you post on your website, post on your GMB page!!


Legit reviews can make up to 25% of the weight for local search ranking. This indicates to Google Search algorithms that real people, and more likely locals, have used your service, verify that you are (continuously) helpful and relevant, and are likely to be the best option for people locally.

Incorporate collecting reviews into your normal business process.

When you close out the final paperwork or receipt, take a moment to ask the client to do a review. Consider offering them a tablet or phone that is queued up for a review while you “finish the paperwork”.


Official backlinks can make up the next 10% of the weight for local search ranking. These are legitimate links from people who value your content so much that they cannot help but share it to the world AND actually create a link back to your website.

Add value to others so that they WANT to link back to you. Having relevant links back to your business is significant.

Google thinks that, if your information or content is so relevant, cool, or distinguished that they share it with the world, then you are definitely worth ranking to the world!

Local Search Ranking Summary

In short, be sure you do the 3 most important things; Google My Business, Legitimate Reviews, and Solid Backlinks; and your rankings will most certainly see some improvement.

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