Make a Great Landscaping Website: Explain What You Do

How can you make a great Landscaping Website?

The best way to create a great landscaping website is to explain what you do. Many of your landscaping competitors won’t specify what they do either!

This sounds simple enough for any landscaping company. And it can seem rather obvious, too, but to have a great landscaping website, you need to simply explain what you do.

Providing detailed landscaping service information on your site goes a long way. It’s not enough to simply say that you offer landscaping services.

Instead, you should make sure to highlight all the different landscaping jobs that you can do and then go into detail. This is specifically important if you specialize in niche services, like residential and commercial retaining walls, for example. This will help you show clients that you can meet their needs and it will get you ahead in landscaper search results. (For searches like ‘landscaper near me’, or ‘commercial retaining walls’.)

The best landscaping companies near by clearly outline the services they offer, and what each landscaping service includes. Plus, the reader can click through and learn more about specific offerings. So there should be additional detail about what you offer.

How to Make a Great Landscaping Website: Explain What You Do - Lakeland Landscaper Website

Great Landscaping Website? Explain what you do! Great Lakeland Landscaper websites do.

Explain more than simply what you do. Let the world know exactly how you do it. Not only will that help with your search ranking with all that great info. It will also make for a better customer service experience for your landscaping jobs since your clients will have a better idea of how to work with you.

Here are a few, very specific ways to improve your landscaping website:

  • List and differentiate all the different services you offer.
  • Also note when you offer them if they are seasonal services only.
  • Some great ways to distinguish and differentiate your landscaping services are:
    • front and back yards,
    • different landscape design methods,
    • hard-scaping,
    • and add-on services.

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