Preparing for our Workshop – June 2023

Hello everyone. This is Grant Sparks with Spark Sites, and I’m super excited that you’re going to be joining us tomorrow night for the Marketing 3.0: Community Marketing; I.R.L. event. This is the first time we’ve gotten together since the Pandemic, and we’re very excited to see you and your guest.

Remember, your ticket allows you to bring another guest, so make sure you grab a friend.

Doesn’t matter if they’re a Spark citizen or own a website. Bring someone who you think might need to be learning about all the latest changes going on with what we perceive to be Marketing 3.0.

Now there’s three quick things we want you to bring to make sure that you get the most out of our time together.

Number one, bring your cell phone.

We’re actually going to be creating content together so that you can see how best to use some of these platforms in newer ways that we know a lot of you want to do, but haven’t really done yet.

Effectively, we’re gonna get guided by Nicole Bradham on how to actually post a reel and you wanna have your cell phone for that. Doesn’t matter the quality of your cell phone. Bring it and let’s go through the steps together.

The second thing we want you to have is your laptop.

Make sure you have your laptop there so you can pull up your accounts.

You can Google anything. You can take notes. We know you might make notes in a physical journal or writing them down, but make sure you have your laptop as well.

And the third and final thing we want you to bring is; a positive attitude.

We love meeting with you guys. We love seeing you. We love hearing about what you’re up to and the vision for your small business, and we wanna have a great time together.

So bring those three things.

Bring a guest, so that would be a fourth thing. And come out and give us your best tomorrow night. We look forward to seeing you. Thank you so much for trusting Spark Sites with your business.

And remember the mission, igniting lives of explosive significance, starting with your own.

We’ll see you tomorrow night. ​

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