Our Favorite Mayfaire Artist Websites

With Mayfaire being this weekend here in our stomping grounds of Lakeland, FL, we thought it would be fun to write a post on what websites we love from three showcased artists! For those of you who don’t know, Mayfaire By-The-Lake is an annual art festival that happens around the shores of Lake Morton here in Lakeland, FL. It’s one of the oldest and best art festivals that happens in Central Florida! Among the 160 artists featured in this year here are three of our favorite Mayfaire artist websites we thought were noteworthy:

Christina Eve Our Favorite Mayfaire Artist Websites - Spark My Site - Lakeland, FL

Christina Eve is a mixed media artist based out of Orlando, FL. She creates beautiful art inspired by her love for music and synesthete.

One word: clean. Christina lets her art speak for itself on her website. She doesn’t overload it with a bunch of different fonts or colors. We like that her site is a simple, black and white site with easy to read text. The focus of her website is of course her gallery. The gallery is easy to find in the left hand menu. Her work is displayed at the perfect size and has the information about the piece neatly placed to the right of the photo. It’s clean and neat and we think it’s great!

Check out Christina’s site!

Ali Hasmut Our Favorite Mayfaire Artist Websites - Spark My Site - Lakeland, FL

Ali Hasmut is coming all the way from Chicago this weekend for Mayfaire. He’s a very successful and respected painter. Ali has had the opportunity to paint¬†for family members of¬†Jordanian Royalty and is a member of both¬†the Palette and Chisel Art Academy in Chicago and¬†Oil Painters Of America and Portrait Society Of America.

Like Christina, Ali isn’t messing around. He’s a professional who knows how to allow his work to shine amongst a clean website backdrop. When landing on Ali’s site, you know his main goal is for you to see his work. We know this because his gallery is front and center. It’s not over-crowded by unnecessary text and other images and literally represents a physical gallery in the way it’s laid out. It’s pleasing to the eye and plain awesome!

Check out Ali’s site!

Art by Chelsea Our Favorite Mayfaire Artist Websites - Spark My Site - Lakeland, FL

Chelsea Smith hails from Casselberry, FL and is an expert in drawing and graphic design. She is an accomplished artist and has had the opportunity to create art for noteworthy people like former President Barak Obama, the band members of Duran Duran and Johnny Marr of The Smiths (to name a few).

Specifically what we like about Chelsea’s website is her Portfolio page. Like Ali’s it represents a physical gallery in it’s squared, simple layout, but it’s a little more elevated in it’s user interaction. We love how you can click different categories above the photos and it will filter the specific work you’re wanting to view. The page is smooth and adds a sense of organization with the different categories. Also, we think users enjoy the fact they have something to click on and physically see movement on this page. It’s fun, cool and a great idea!

Check out Chelsea’s portfolio!

Come Out to Mayfaire!

These are just three artists you can see this weekend here in Lakeland, FL at Mayfaire By-the-Lake. Whether you’re from Lakeland or not, come out to Mayfaire, bring your mom and enjoy beautiful art among the sunshine and Lake Morton waters. You can see Christina, Ali, Chelsea and many more!

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