Spark Citizen Membership


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Grow with a Founder Community! Build your business smarter. Gain confidence in your ability to manage and build a business that works. Create a profitable structure from the start!

Spark Citizen Membership

Spark is a Community of Passionate Founders like you wanting to not only make an impact, but grow themselves as well!💖

As a Spark Citizen you access to all, and we mean ALL, of our resources, tools and training.

  • Access to our latest tools and training!
    • Get immediate access to the Spark ContentBot!
    • Get access to the course 'Your First Facebook Ad'.
    • Get immediate access to 'The 7 Day Goal-Setting Homework' to reconnect with your wants and desires!
  • Build out your business!
  • Gain confidence in business language and management!
  • Come up with a plan for setting up a profitable and stable business.
  • Learn the MSPBA, the core components of your small business!
  • Discounts on Spark Sites website design and hosting services and more!

Receive a custom curriculum for your own growth.
Meet regularly to ensure your business is moving forward.
Connect with other business owners also growing their dream!