Make a Great Landscaping Website: Feature Any High-Profile Landscaping Web Marketing Exposure

How Can You Make a Great Landscaping Website? Feature any high-profile landscaping web marketing exposure you’ve had!

If you’ve been featured in a popular landscaping maintenance podcast show, or if you have featured articles in a landscape design magazine or by a news outlet (even if it’s local! especially if it’s local!), then make sure your clients and potential clients know about it.

After being featured on the podcast, The Jae Choe Show, Grant shared that with his social following. But he also wrote a blog post about, and posted a small featurette about it on his Google My Business listing.

You can do the same with your landscape web marketing. If you receive even local, small mentions for your landscaping business, try the following steps to improve your landscaping website.

How to improve your landscaping website:

Add a section on your landscaper website to highlight any high-profile reviews or accolades that you’re landscaping business has received. If you don’t have any noteworthy mentions, consider sharing notable awards and certifications that you have obtained in your field.

If you have not received any landscaping certifications or landscaper awards, then maybe it is time to pursue them!

If you’re trying to build your exposure, you could send high-quality photos into your local newspaper homes section to start. Another option is to send photos of your top projects to landscape design publications.

Make a Great Landscaping Website: Feature Any High-Profile Landscaping Web Marketing Exposure

How to have a great landscaping website? Feature your high-profile landscaping web marketing exposure!

Sharing your projects on social media is supremely important. When you post be sure you tag publications, tools, and products companies referenced or viewed in the post. This can help you gain some landscape web marketing as well.

Don’t forget to update your website as you get more exposure! Make a quarterly review of your landscaper reviews and update them on your website.

These tips and more landscape web marketing tools can help you have a great landscaping website.

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